SoundCloud (Continued)


This one is becoming more and more prominent, and is actually becoming a new standard. While in the past we’ve had “Like to download” tied to Facebook and whatnot (at least with this you could Like the page and then Unfollow it so it didn’t jam every update into your News Feed), we now have services like Click.DJ that take that stipulation a few steps further. When this first started it was very similar to “Like to download”, requiring you to Follow the artist or Like/Re-post the track. Now we have requirements like this one:


Here to download a single track I’m required to follow 4 different accounts along with Liking the track.

There are two problems with this:

1. This assumes that the person downloading this track doesn’t like the artist who made the track, or it at least destroys any sense of goodwill or loyalty by dangling a free track by so many strings attached. This is the smaller of the two problems, as yes, it’s a free track, and the artist SHOULD be followed by whoever is downloading it. However, being forced to follow the labels does an interesting thing—while previously we’ve had record labels and promoters as these faceless entities, they now have their own accounts where they post stuff, contributing to the…

2. Clutter. Once again returning to the huge looming problem with SoundCloud being that the more you use it, the more ineffective it becomes. To download one single track I have to follow 4 more accounts, which is all great news for them because they get to bolster their Follow counts, but to me it means I’ll have that much more clutter in my Stream. Because I like this song and want to download it I’m subjected to whatever these Trap labels/promoters want to shove into my Stream and waste my time with.

Again, I understand these tracks are free—that’s great and wonderful and gee golly how GENEROUS they are for releasing it for free—but the end result is yet another blow to the already daily-crumbling of SoundCloud as a useful service to listeners.

SoundCloud (Continued)

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