SoundCloud (Continued #2)

Really this one just elaborates on my previous post as I’ve unintentionally stumbled across 2 wonderful examples just in the past 2 hours of casually browsing while working, but these music promoters are getting out of hand, using Follows as a digital currency for their free releases. What you end up paying with (unless you make a strict habit of unfollowing them immediately) is your time and your ability to use SoundCloud as a service.

Here we have a track I want to download. This heavy Trap song that normally wouldn’t appeal, but for some reason it does at the moment. All right, another ToneDen link to click through – fine. As usual, I take a glance at exactly what this free download will cost, and I see this:

2015-07-16_14h54_42So the original artist is Meek Mill, and it’s been remixed by Ship Wrek and Bowie. That’s 3 profiles I could see reasonably being forced to follow. Well, Meek Mill isn’t on that list, so scratch them. How many others does that leave? FIVE. This means I’m having to follow SEVEN different SoundCloud accounts to download this song. 5 of these 7 accounts are various promoters who will be posting a whole variety of shit I probably won’t want to hear. So really what I’m doing here is getting a free download in exchange for my Stream getting cluttered with 5 more sources of shit.

But wait! It gets better!

Another song from earlier today, another ToneDen-like process of download it. It gives me this message prior to downloading, much like the one above:


Wonderful! That particular track was produced by $unday $ervice and 2Fly, so I have no problem with this. Frankly they aren’t really up the alley of music I typically like, but it’s a reasonable request.

Now out of some weird suspicion I decide to take a look at my list of who I’m following. I see some weird new additions. I give it the benefit of the doubt, unfollow them, then out of curiosity I go through that process of following who they want me to follow for that track—from what it’s telling me, it’s just the two original artists. So I go back to check out my list of who I’m following again:


Well, there’s 2Fly, as agreed upon, and I’d been following $unday $ervice before, and now here are SEVEN different EDMT Network accounts I’ve been unknowingly forced to Follow. At least in the previous example you know they’re being up-front and at least ASKING you to follow an excess number of profiles for a free download, but in this case EDMT is sneaking all of their accounts into any downloads they host. Seven of them.

I see no problem asking you to follow the original artists of the song, and okay, even 1 label/promoter or whoever’s behind getting the word out about the track. But when promoters sneak their stuff in like this because they know we don’t really have a choice in the matter (we don’t manually have to go in and click Follow on every profile—they just do it for us), that’s way beyond the line.

Oh, and of course, blocking them does nothing at all, because SoundCloud is so absolutely broken.

SoundCloud (Continued #2)

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